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MDG, Local Solutions Hunts for Mosquitoes

Malaria Destroyer Game (MDG), a tech solution aimed at addressing the malaria challenge, rings hope for the long battle against the plague which is systematically thinning Nigeria’s population.

Developed by Mobile Software Solutions Limited, a Nigerian Information Technology start-up, the technology and education-based mobile apps psycho-game is designed to save future generations from the malaria pandemic in Nigeria and Africa by eradicating mosquitoes and by extension, controlling malaria.

Mr. Chris Uwaje, chairman of the company said that the central objective of MDG was to deploy and apply technology to reach millions of people world-wide and destroy malaria.

“It is a digital knowledge-entertainment and educational mobile psycho-game, and is endorsed by the United Nations (UNESCO Chair on e-Learning for Africa), Open Media, Centre for Values and Leadership, University of Tampere, Finland, among others” he said.

The stack version of the application is designed to reach about 50 million people in Nigeria, 150 million in West Africa and over 500 million in Africa. Malaria Destroyer Game is a full graphics animated mobile game which runs across all mobile platforms (Apple IOS, Andriod, Blackberry, and Symbian).

The Malaria Destroyer Game is a series of multiple layer games expressing the dangers of malaria and the need for a mosquito free environment including: Knowledge Base where questions and answers based quiz game on knowledge of malaria and the carrier (Female Anopheles Mosquito);  Joker & Gift Domain, where, puzzle game for identification of mosquitoes and malaria associated objects; and Mosquito Life Cycle, where puzzle game for identification and understanding the development and growth of a mosquito.

There is also the MDG Legend that has: MDG Dodger, a legendary game where a player becomes a legend after dodging all the enemies (mosquitoes); MDG Hunter, where a player becomes a legend after hunting all the enemies (mosquitoes); and MDG Go to Hell, where a player becomes a legend after burning all the enemies (mosquitoes).

The third level is the MDG Adventure which include: MDG Run, an adventure series tagged Run for You life “ as giant enemies(Mosquitoes) chase after the player, he performs several activities while running and get to a safe place (MDG clinic) before the enemy eats you up.

It ends with MDG Fighter, also an adventure series where the player saves life and cleans up the environment to make it mosquito free, and allow the player see his or her performance on the health bar as you sanitise the environment.
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