MDG Game Series
MDG Game Series
Our flagship mobile solution The Malaria Destroyer Game (MDG) is a series of Technology-based educational mobile games and solutions focused on the eradication of Malaria in Africa and the developing world, thus ensuring that developing countries like Nigeria and those in Africa sporadically attain a fundamental requirement for the United Nations Millennium Development Goals(MDGs).
MDGTM is a Technology-based platform encompassing a digital knowledge-education and entertainment mobile Game. The Applications/solutions are geared towards the eradication of malaria in Africa and the world. Its central focus is to ensure that Nigeria and the rest of Africa attain a fundamental requirement for the United Nations Millennium Development Goals(MDGs).
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1 KNOWLEDGE BASE Question and answer based quiz game on knowledge of malaria and the carrier (Female Anopheles Mosquito). Available on iOS
Click here to download
2 JOKER & GIFT DOMAIN Puzzle game for identification of mosquitoes and malaria associated objects. Available on iOS
Click here to download
3 MOSQUITO LIFE CYCLE Puzzle game for identification and understanding the development and growth of a mosquito. Available on iOS
Click here to download
1 MDG DODGER Legendary game, player becomes a legend after dodging all the enemies (mosquitoes). Coming soon...
2 MDG HUNTER Legendary game, player becomes a legend after hunting all the enemies (mosquitoes). Coming soon...
3 MDG HUNTER(Android Version) Legendary game, player becomes a legend after hunting all the enemies (mosquitoes). Coming soon...
4 MDG GO TO HELL Legendary game, player becomes a legend after burning all the enemies (mosquitoes). Coming soon...
1 MDG RUNNER Adventure series RUN FOR YOUR LIFE as giant enemies (Mosquitoes) chase after you, perform several activities while running and get to a safe place (MDG clinic) before the enemy eats you up.   Click here to download
2 MDG FIGHTER Adventure Series Save life and clean up the environment to make it mosquito free, see your performance on the health bar as you sanitise the environment. Coming soon...
3 MY MAMA Adventure Series (Curative) Save the life of the child suffering from malaria. As a mother take all necessary and correct measures to save the life of the child. Coming soon...

The Malaria Destroyer Game (MDG) isoriginated and designed by Mobile Software Solutions Limited, an IT start-up company chaired by ChrisUwaje (FNCS), a veteran ICT Professional and the pioneer of National IT Policy for Nigeria.
Each year 1 million of the 300-500 million cases of malaria result in death- most of them occurring in Africa! Nigeria accounts for over 300,000 deaths yearly.

Malaria is the predominant killer of children and expecting mothers in Africa!


Economically, Malaria costs Africa an estimated $12 billion in lost productivity each year!


According to the Minister of Health, Prof. OnyebuchiChukwu, Minister a child dies of malaria every 45 seconds in Africa!


Who will benefit:
50% of the world's population and 97% of Nigerians are at risk of contracting malaria. To save future generations our response to the eradication of mosquitoes and by extension the destruction of malaria pandemic in Nigeria/Africa is the creation of Malaria Destroyer Game (MDGTM).


  • Malaria affects 3.3 billion people, or half of the world's population, in106 countries and territories.
  • WHO estimates 216 million cases of malaria occurred in 2010, 81% in the African region.
  • WHO estimates there were 655,000 malaria deaths in 2010, 91% in the African Region, and 86% were children under 5 years of age.
  • Malaria is the 3rd leading cause of death for children under five years worldwide, after pneumonia and diarrheal disease. Malaria in Africa
  • Thirty countries in Sub-Saharan Africa account for 90% of global malaria deaths.
  • Nigeria,Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Ethiopia, and Uganda account for nearly 50% of the global malaria deaths.
  • Malaria is the 2nd leading cause of death from infectious diseases in Africa, after HIV/AIDS.


In response to this challenge MOBILE SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS LIMITED have developed a game called Malaria Destroyer Game (MDG).


MDG aims to bring more to intuition the awareness on how to fight/eradicate mosquitoes by making effective use of the methods/tools at our disposal to prevent malaria.




  • Innovation is essential to meeting these challenges and maintaining progress against malaria.
  • Sustained research and development (R&D) is needed to create a diverse array of treatment and prevention tools.
  • ICT Knowledge is critical to avoid overreliance on a small set of anti-malaria tools, which has proven risky for effective malaria control.
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